Never Knows’ first full-length album Ink is a reminder that the nightclub is a site for rituals best performed in the dark. His first work on Darkpop/Synthgaze label Sleep Genius [Chasms, Bad News], after a decade of producing and programming Techno releases on labels that include his own cult experimental electronic label Untitled & After, Ink signifies a new direction for the artist.

On Ink, murky beats and shimmering washes of overdriven analog synths become warm through heartfelt purpose. Lyrics explore themes of personal and political loss and failure with resonant emotional weight; including guest vocals on ‘And Though‘ contributed by ChasmsJess Labrador.

Never Knows produces a unique music that is both unsettling and euphoric. With engineering help from Monte Vallier [Weekend, Wax Idols, The Soft Moon] Ink snatches multiple influences from the past and deftly contextualizes them into an urgent present. Citing seventies Krautrock, eighties Goth, nineties Shoegaze, and the last decade’s opaque Post-Techno output as influences, solo producer Marc Kate’s Never Knows project also practices conflict – pitting an allegiance to the dance floor against the need for subtle, thought-provoking songwriting.

Ink is available as digital or vinyl from Sleep Genius here.
Or digital via iTunes here.



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