Review of ‘Ink’ from Aquarius Records

Ink received a very thoughtful write-up from the fantastic folks at Aquarius Records.

 “It was a teasing single, that one-sided picture disc which showcased one hell of a darkwave track enriched by the sonorous baritone from Never Knows architect and principal Marc Kate. That voice and those synth-pop aspirations / devolutions run throughout the much anticipated debut album from this former aQ staffer as well. Ink does feature a different mix of the aforementioned single “Still Life” buttressed by a myriad of tracks rich with solemnly Numanoid downbeats, Violator-era miserablism, goth-dub grooviness, and a smattering of witchy / dark-eyed techno overtures. Two instrumental tracks bookend the album, leading with “Into” a dour track of sunken electro-clad breaks and closing with the black-clad, minimal-techno wash “Exeunt” with its thoughtful nods to Monolake and Regis. Between this, Kate takes a deep breath and exhales with a voice that we likened in the past to Dave Gahan; and yes, he still croons with an impassioned vibrato of equal portent. Along with the zombie-sect hymn of “Still Life,” “Becoming” is one of the more dramatic numbers on the album with a slow build of maudlin half-melodies transforming into an urgent surge of basslines and drum programming to match Kate’s quickened delivery. The skittering (dare we call them ‘Amen’?) breaks of “Awake” brighten the overall mood towards the end of the album, making us wonder what the hell happened to Andrea Parker after she made a couple of particularly dark albums for Mo’ Wax in the late ’90s. We could research it, but we didn’t; and in any case here we have an opulent gem of dark atmospheres, spilling from Ink.”

You can, of course, purchase the vinyl there. 

aQuarius Ink review screengrab

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